Purpose before Partner

By: Oredolapo Juliet Babalola

There are two key words to look out for: Purpose and Partner.
PURPOSE: Is the reason for which something is done or created.
PARTNER: according to this context, is the person to which one is married to.
God created every one of us for a purpose and He wants us to fulfill that special reason, we must understand this fact that God has a special plan for our lives. He is the great architect and master planner of our lives and we must build according to His divine plan.
Purpose always comes before partner, so many have wreck their lives and destiny because the order is changed. They chose partner before discovering their purpose, however destroying their destinies and God’s divine plan. The choice of a life partner can make or mar God’s purpose for one’s life. Therefore it is expedient that we discover our purpose for existence before the choice of a life partner. The man Adam in our text has a purpose for living before he had a partner. He was to dress, keep and guard the garden.

Myles Munroe said: The greatest tragedy in life is not death but a life without purpose.
Thomas Carlyle also said a man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder.
A purposeless life lives under the influence of circumstances. It’s a life without direction. Such a life ends up being unfruitful because it is not being lived according to divine plan.

To discover one’s purpose in life, one must go back to the creator of that life after all He has a reason for creating you and bringing it to existence. The path to purpose discovery is to first discover the purposeful God and have a personal relationship with Him, then He will reveal the divine blue print for our existence.
Prayerfully sit, think, pray. Ask yourself some questions
-What are my God given potentials?
-What do I enjoy doing most?
-What am I passionate about?

After your purpose have been discovered, we need to do some things to help us achieve that purpose.
1. Sit down to plan ,organize and map out the way to reach and fulfill that purpose.
2. Follow God step by step. Remember a house is built by putting one block at a time. Step by step, put on the block of progress on your dreams.
3. Stay focus and shun all distractions.
4. Ask God for wisdom to go through in life Jam.1:5
5. Walk in that purpose, live it.
6. If you encounter difficulty, look up to God.
It is when purpose has been discovered one can pray through in choosing a life partner. My prayer is that God will help us discover our purpose in life and grant us suitable partner that will help us achieve that purpose for His glory.


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