Living Your Pupose

We’ve been talking about PURPOSE for sometime now on our Facebook group wall ‘Thy Handmaidens’ and we have a major project for the month of March – The YSAP (Young, Saved and Purpose-living) project. This project will run throughout the month of March.

The talk on Purpose living is necessary because many fail to see that God has created them and kept them alive for a reason and for some, reasons. But they fail to realize this. Many young ladies think they are just alive to eat, attend schools, graduates, get married, have children and then die. NO you are kept alive for something much more than that.

Have you discovered that reason? If your answer is in the negative you have to find out what your purpose for existence is and that is by asking God in prayer. If your answer is in the affirmative then endeavor to live your purpose each day. Do not allow a day to go by without taking a step to achieving that purpose. Remember, until you take steps daily to fulfill your purpose for existence, you are a living dead.

God cares for you and wants to see you fulfilled. Let not your life be a wasted one.



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