Time Management for the busy woman

This post is aimed at helping women who are always struggling to meet up with schedules or arriving early at their various working places without compromising their responsibilities and duties at home.

I am a mother of two with a 7.00 am to 5.00 pm job daily except weekends and a student as well with no one around me to help with chores at home so I am not writing on something abstract or that I do not know anything about. The tips I want to share with us are what I have tried and still trying to make sure I get to work as at the time I am expected to be there, beat deadlines and attend to my responsibilities at home.

Many times we find ourselves struggling to get to the office early and whenever we do that (I mean getting to office early), it will be at the expense of one chore or the other in the house. People do ask me how I manage to get to office early and still attend to my duties at home and they can’t seem to comprehend that.

So what are the things I’ve always been doing to make sure I get my work done at home and still get early to the office? Find some below:

  • Spend less time on Social media. I noticed that any day I checked my Facebook and WhatsApp messages first in the morning; I won’t be able to finish whatever I’m to do on that day before I leave for the office. I receive notifications on my phones regarding comments on a particular post I’m following and whenever I try to check out those notifications I end up using more time than I intend to because I will start scrolling to see more posts from people that are of interest to me. So what I did and still doing is, I stopped checking my phone in the morning until I get to the office. To manage your time wisely, schedule the time you will be using on social media to reply mails, reply tsocial-mediao comments and posts if necessary or messages.
  • Prepare the night before. This tip actually helps me a lot. Before retiring to bed, sort out the things you will need for tomorrow e.g. your dresses, your children’s dresses, socks, pants and sandals/shoes. This looks simple to do but you end up spending more time sorting out what you will wear in the morning when you are ready to leave for work and end up putting on something different from what you initially had in mind.
  • Plan ahead. What I mean is have a functional TO-DO LIST with your activities for the following days detailed there. Many of us have issues with this. You’ll hear excuses like I don’t follow what I write down, write them out first and put them where you can easily see them. For meals, plan ahead also by making a food time-table a week ahead so that you can be able to shop for everything you will need in time. Attend to chores that can be done in the evening instead of waiting till morning like boiling water (you need to have a flask that can retain hotness till the following day) or parboiling rice if your breakfast is going to be fried or jollof rice. Sweeping and mopping can also be done in the evening time ahead of the following day.
  • Stop unnecessary visits or long calls. I deliberately included this one because some of us waste unnecessary time on ‘visitations’ that has nothing good to add to you aside going there for ‘gossips’. The time you use for these visitations can be used to accomplish a task at home after coming back from work or on weekends. Make sure you have a genuine reason for going to wherever you want to go be it for visitations of attending occasions. The same applies to calling friends and families. Let your calls be a meaningful one not for gossips and jesting.

Enough said about me, let me hear from you. How do you manage your time well? I also want to learn from you.


There is a printable To-Do List for anyone interested which you can use in putting down your proposed activities for the week. If interested, click here. For your weekly menu planner, click here.


Thank you



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