Weekly Menu

Hi all, I wish to share with us again one of my free printables. This is one of the gifts you get for subscribing to our blog. It is a printable Weekly menu planner.


This is necessary for you if you want to be able to plan ahead your meals for the week or weeks ahead.

Apart from the columns for your breakfast, lunch and dinner, i have created another for events and your ‘items to buy’. the idea is for you to be able to plan based on what you have for that day and then you will also be able to put down things you need to buy to be able to make the week a stress-free one. For example, I was expecting 6 guests on Monday which happens to be hubby’s birthday so I included it in my menu planner. So for Monday I have, cereals as breakfast, Semo and Okra soup for Lunch while Dinner is Fried Rice. Now the space for shopping list will have the items I need to buy (those not at home) to be able to prepare my meal for the week.

I am making this available for us to make our meal planning easy and so that we won’t keep eating whatever is at our disposal.

To download, click Free Printable Menu planner

What do you think about the meal planner? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


Thank you


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