Secured in His arms

Playing around the house on a weekend, my daughter climbed on a high chair and before we knew it, she tried to jump down. With the dad in sight, he noticed if she is not grabbed she will fall and injure herself so he caught her just before she landed on the tiles. She was so happy that she wasn’t left to fall and this made her want to continue the jumping since she knows the dad will stop her from falling.

Have you ever wondered why children feel very relaxed when they are in their parent’s hands? They even tend to kick dog on the way whenever they are holding on to you with the assurance that the dog can do nothing to them or because they know you will defend them even if the dog wants to get at them. They charge back at such dog if the dog charge at them. I so much love this confidence.

Why do we always forget that we are secured in the arms of the Lord Almighty? Why do we often allow what the enemy brings our way to weigh us down? Why do we often forget the authority we have in Christ Jesus?

You don’t need something great as evidence before you believe. Even the faintest light at the end of the tunnel spurs hope in a lost man.

~ Sarah Chiejile

Be confident that as long as you remain in the arms of the Lord Almighty, nothing can harm you, no power of hell can prevail against you, no demon can terrorize you. Charge back at the devil if he charge at you because he can do nothing but bark at you.

If you have not known this wonderful Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, you still have the opportunity today to do so. Do this so that next time when discouragement set in, when the devil comes a-knockin’, you’ll boldly take a stand and shout at him I AM SECURED IN HIS ARMS.

How do you assure yourself of God’s abiding presence and security? How do you show this confidence that you have someone that won’t let you down? Share with me in the comment box please.




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