Have you ever had to wait for an important email to be delivered? You keep refreshing and refreshing your mailbox every second to see if it will come in.

It has happened to me several times and it still did yesterday. I was registering for something and I was told to make payment. My details will have to be sent to them by email after effecting the payment and they in turn will send me a link which I need to complete my registration. I  did make payment and sent my details to the email provided but didn’t receive any confirmatory mail from them.  I waited and waited. I keep refreshing my mailbox even in the church to see if it has come in. This is because I can’t continue with the registration except I  got the needed link and I have just few hours left to the expiration of the application.

I know there are times you are wondering why things had to take so long than you expected for them to materialize. I also know that you always stress yourself up over those things that is because it is normal as long as we are still in this body of flesh but I want to tell you that you will soon receive answers to all your prayers.

Check your spiritual conviction. Be sure you are saved and that you are still keeping that salvation. You may need to have some sober and quiet moment to reflect on your life as a whole and see if there is anything wrong spiritually. If there is, ask God for forgiveness and a new life then continue to pray for that which you need. If there is none, then proceed to the next stage.

Change your pattern of prayer. You see sometimes we pray and pray amiss. You may need to change the way you pray before the answers come. I had to send another mail to those people before they reply me after like 6 hours of waiting. If on the other hand you are very sure that you are praying aright then , continue. You will soon have answers to all of life’s questions.

Wait and keep on believing. Once you are very sure that you are praying aright and all other things are where they ought to be spiritually then hold on it won’t be long before you receive your answers. Don’t lose faith. Pray to God to increase your faith and give you grace to remain steadfast.

What is that thing you have been waiting for that seems delayed? Marital fulfillment, career success, financial breakthrough? Whatever it is, the answer is on the way. Wait for it. You will smile at last.




What are the things you do while waiting for answers from God. Tell me in the comment box. I also want to learn from you.

You have any questions seeking for answers in this area? Use the comment box also. God will provide us an answer of peace.


Thank you!



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