Making the Bend

Travelling on an highway, we always encounter a bend at one point or the other. Sometimes it is just a small bend or corner as my country men do call it and other times they are sharp or very sharp bends.

Getting to a bend on a journey does not mean you should stop your journey and not continue. You are supposed to make the bend to get to your destination. You cannot get to your desired destination if you stop on the way because of the bend you just encountered on the way.


Obstacles in life on our way to success is like the bend you encounter on your way while travelling. Obstacles and distractions will always be there and you have to maneuver your way around them to get to where you are going to. You can’t say you won’t continue to move or to try because of these obstacles and distractions just like you won’t pack your car somewhere and end the journey because of the sharp bends ahead of you or around you. You just have to keep moving till you arrive your destination.

Kelly fisher's
Keep trying

Bends on the highway do not allow you to see what is at the other side of the road hence the need to be patient while navigating round it and not be in a haste to get to the other side. So also are obstacles and distractions.They always shield us from seeing the glorious life ahead of us and many times we want to pack up and give up.
Don’t give up because if you do, you have only become a failure. You can’t continue to say it is not possible to make it or succeed when you have not even tried.

Keep trying!

Keep moving!

Don’t Stop!


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In the Father’s love,



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